Corporate Development

Leveraging our sectorial expertise, professional network and geographic knowledge our clients and partners rely on Hauser & Co. for market intelligence, local expertise, partnership development, due diligence and corporate transactions.

Strategic Investments

In select opportunities, our partners make direct investments or participate in consortiums to back outstanding entrepreneurs or exceptional ideas. In the past, we have favored seed stage investments with a mix of capital and earned equity.

Project Management

All of our partners and team members have extensive operating expertise and have run high performing organizations. As such, we provide ad hoc support to our clients, partners and portfolio companies accomplish mission-critical tasks as needed.


Thanks to our team’s experience working in leading communications companies such as CNN, NPR and Time Warner, all of our projects can be supported by mission-critical strategic communication support.

Our Team

Eduardo A. Hauser
Eduardo A. Hauser
Founder, Managing Partner
For more than 20 years, Eduardo has led investments and operations in the fields of media, technology and education. Prior to Hauser & Co., he was President of Cricket Media, CEO of DailyMe, EVP of Aol and Managing Director of Cisneros.
Adriana E. Hauser
Adriana E. Hauser
Vice-President, Communications
Adriana is an experienced communications professional with more than 20 years as a journalist and advisor. Prior to Hauser & Co., she was a senior Director at Newlink Group, a senior correspondent for CNN, anchor and producer for NY1 News and the United Nations.
Jose Gregorio Diaz
Jose Gregorio Diaz
Vice-President, Operations
Jose is an experienced computer scientist with vast knowledge of strategic and operational product management. His primary areas of focus are education and e-learning. Jose is a Course Designer for Dee Fink & Associates and previously was a Director at Educatablet and a division manager at Cadena Capriles.
Maria A. Brito
Maria A. Brito
Vice-President, Academics
María Antonieta is a passionate educator with broad experience in strategic planning, curriculum design, professional development and educational technology. Besides his academic chops, Maria is a nutrition and fitness guru. Prior to joining Hauser & Co., she was a Professor at Universidad Monteavila and Headmistress at Academia Merici.


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